SaverioTeam Adventures in Umbria
DanielaTeam Adventures in Umbria

Chef Saverio en Daniela komen diners en lunches klaarmaken bij jou thuis!!!  
Voor één avond of voor de hele periode van jouw verblijf.

PRIJS: Op aanvraag. Afhankelijk van het gekozen menu
DUUR: Ongeveer 4 uur. Klaarmaken diner, serveren en keuken schoonmaken

Wow! Can I add 5 more stars? 
I rented a Villa in Umbria with my husband to celebrate my birthday and invited 6 friends and family members. I couldn’t have been more thrilled with Daniella and her cooking. She’s incredibly professional and truly wants you to have a great time and enjoy yourself. She made fantastic homemade meals in the kitchen of our Villa. She even made Tiramisu for my birthday cake/dessert just hours before serving. It’s one of my all time favorites and it was made in the classic traditional style and was outstanding!
One night we lost power right before she arrived. This was the night we were to have fish stew and swordfish steaks. Fortunately we had an outdoor grill where we started a fire like Boy Scouts and Daniella cooked without missing a beat with only the headlights from one of our cars to illuminate the grill. She went above and beyond.
Daniella also organized a salami / prosciutto tasting for us at a small local farm / butcher. Where we saw how he produces the dried salami and prosciutto. We sat outside, drank homemade wine and ate salami and prosciutto as fresh as can be.
Daniella’s pricing was reasonable considering she had to cook for 8 people every night. By the end of the week we were looking for apartments in NYC to take Daniella back with us.
Whether you have her cook you one special meal or for an entire week it will be memorable. Thank you Daniella you made my week! 


Daniela cooked for us for a week while we were staying at my house near Montone and she was simply amazing. All of us absolutely loved her cooking and so looked forward to her arriving each evening. It made the holiday for me so relaxing. We can’t to ask Daniella to cook for us again during our next visit.


We had such an amazing time with Daniella looking after us in Umbria. She cooked delicious meals for us and also taught us all how to make pasta one day! We were a large party of 10 (Brits and Americans) with assorted dietary likes but nothing fazed her and everything she prepared was fabulous – and afterwards the kitchen was always spotless! Highly recommended.